Pupil's Grade Card for Abner Eli Pinney, 1914-1915


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Pupil's Grade Card for Abner Eli Pinney, 1914-1915 is text, with genre ephemera and report card. Its dimensions are 4.44 in. x 3.5 in.. It is 6 pages long.

It was created around 1914-1915.

Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor.

This report card for Abner Eli Pinney dates from the 1914-1915 school year at the public schools of Worthington. The teacher of 7th grade was Mary Alice Stein, and H.C. Fickell is listed as the superintendent.

Classes included Arithmetic, Drawing, Geography, Grammar, History, Agriculture, Physiology, Reading, Spelling, and Writing.

Abner Eli Pinney (b. 1903, d. 1974) graduated from Worthington High School in 1920. Pinney was the part of fourth generation of Pinney men in Worthington, descending from Scioto Company member Captain Abner Pinney (great-grandfather), Abner Henry Pinney (grandfather) and Nathan Pinney, Sr. (father). He married Letta Decker Pinney in 1933 and they raised their family in a home on West State Street. Pinney was Vice President and Resident Manager of the Rutherford-Corbin Funeral Home and was involved in many civic activities, including several Masonic organizations, and was a Trustee of Walnut Grove Cemetery.

It covers the topics community schools, education and student progress.

It features the people Henry C. Fickell, 1854-, Abner Eli Pinney, 1903-1974 and Mary Alice Stein.

It features the organization Worthington Schools.

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