Short Circuit Reunion 20th: Worthington High School 1953-1973


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Short Circuit Reunion 20th: Worthington High School 1953-1973 is text, with genre program and reunions. Its dimensions are 9 in. x 6 in.. It is 24 pages long.

It was created on Saturday, June 9, 1973.

Worthington High School is the Creator.

This program was created for the 20 year reunion of the Worthington High School class of 1953. It includes a complete listing of all the graduates with biographical information when available.

Classmates were Nancy Bailey (Townley), Freddie Barber (Miller), David Bobrovnikoff (David D. Porter), Roger Bohn, Dick Branchl, Jerry Bulford, Jim Burke, Bill Burkett, Marilyn Cameron (Ryan), Bill Cariens, Anita Carskadon (Anderson), Donna Carskadon (Butt), Marilyn Christ, Jerry Cox, Alice Ann Crawford (Mayer), Cheryl Cummings (Von Valtier), Richard Davis, Wayne Dorbirer, Ernie Dosher (Edelmann), Eddie Dressel, Kay Emmons (Connally), Tom Glass, Jack Gorham, John Goshorn, Marilyn Reeves (Reprich), Carol Hancock (Smith), Ann Harding (Hoxie), Paul Evan Hartman, Shirley Herritt (Sullivan), Jim Herron, Ray Hoffine, Bill Joseph, Suzanne Knowlton (Schultz), Lois Ann Kreisel (Dressel), Paul Landis, Ethel Laws (Traylor), Margaret Leist (Evans), Tom Lindblom, Barbara Lindimore, Judy Lowman (Smith), Carolyn Markey (Maloney), Eddie McCain, Linda McCord (Zoog), Charlene Miller (Roloson), John Miller, Joanne Mitchell (Hall), Betsy Moore (Corrigan), Norma Muncie (Hancock), Boyd Niederlander, Carol Palmer (Lambert), Marilyn Plapp (Fordyee), Don Post, Judy Potter (Hunter), John Ouellette, Kathleen Radcliff (Cave), Don Reedy, Cle Reese (Lt. Colonel), Lynda Robinson (Hain), Chuck Roll, Rick Ross, Ann Rudolf (Peacock), Carol Schwinne (Frank), Nancy Savage (Herbster), Vernon Sevy, Paul Smith, Dave Sonner, Jane Tracy (Burrows), Bob Trevor, Bob Updegraff, Gypsy Wilson (Shuster), Joyce Wilson, Jim Winter, Ann Wittmer, Dick Wolf, Phil Wood, and Sandra Young (Fried).

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