Worthington Garden Club 1943-1944


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Worthington Garden Club 1943-1944 is text, with genre yearbook. Its dimensions are 5.5 in. x 3.6 in.. It is 18 pages long.

It was created in 1943.

Worthington Garden Club is the Contributor.

This yearbook for Worthington Garden Club chronicles monthly programs from September 1943 - June 1944. A topic of note for the October 1943 program was "Victory Gardens in Review". Victory gardens were vegetable gardens planted during World War I and II to ensure adequate food supplies. As reported in the Worthington News March 25, 1943, Worthington formed a Garden survey committee who canvassed homes in Worthington, Riverlea, Park Highlands and Colonial Hills, finding that over 300 residents had plans of planting home vegetable gardens that year. Demand for garden plots was significant as residents requested space in the Community Victory Gardens and vacant lots. Four areas of the village were designated as Community Victory Gardens including the church farm on Evening Street, the Covert property on West South Street, the Ed Herrick tract on East North Street and the Medick Estates Inc. tract on Morning Street. Lots were rented at a cost of $4 which included plowing and harrowing. It was estimated by the Community Victory Garden chairman, Mr. E. S. Halley that two out of five families would need to grow food if all persons in the community were to have enough to eat.

It covers the topics gardens, clubs and World War II.

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It covers the city Worthington.

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