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Harding Hospital: Seventy-Five Years, 1916-1991 is a videorecording. It is 13 minutes and 39 seconds long.

It was created in 1991.

Harding Hospital is the Publisher. Dr. George Tryon Harding III, 1904-1985, Lydia Burke, Dr. Joyce McCaughan and Dr. Herndon Harding, Sr. are the Interviewees. Dr. George Tryon Harding IV, 1929-2022 is the Voice actor.

It was published in 1991 by Harding Hospital .

This documentary explores the history of the Harding Hospital, including interviews with and quotations by current and former staff.

Dr. George T. Harding II founded the hospital in 1916 in Columbus, where it was initially known as the Indianola Rest Home. The hospital moved south of Columbus, where it was renamed the Columbus Rural Rest Home, before moving to Worthington in 1919. After Dr. Harding II died in 1934, the hospital was renamed the Harding Sanitarium in his honor.

The video explores the evolution of the hospital throughout the decades, including its success in weathering the Great Depression and World War II, as well as its expansion in the 1950s and subsequent decades. The documentary also looks at the evolving treatment options in psychiatry offered at the hospital, as well as its expansion of educational and public service programs.

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