Sayama, Japan: Worthington’s Sister City

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Sayama, Japan: Worthington’s Sister City is a videorecording. It is 31 minutes and 24 seconds long.

It was created in 2014.

Sayama International Friendship Association is the Producer.

This informational video, produced for Worthington residents by the Friendship Association of Sayama-shi, Japan (Worthington’s sister city), offers an overview of daily life and community traditions in Sayama. It begins with a presentation of key facts about the city, including its population, industrial development, and public spaces.

The next segment features several traditional dances that have been designated as important cultural heritage of Sayama and have been performed in public spaces for hundreds of years, to conjure environmental conditions favorable to agricultural productivity and to bring good fortune to the citizens of Sayama-shi. The Irumagawa Tanabata Star Festival, during which children write their wishes on colorful strips of paper that are hung from bamboo tree branches, is also depicted.

The last portion of the video is dedicated to educational activities and shows elementary-to-middle school-aged students engaged in before-school physical warmups, English instruction, daily chores, and outdoor sporting events. Footage of the Sayama International Friendship Association’s efforts to compile material for the video is also briefly offered before the video’s conclusion.

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