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Name Branch of service War
Wiewall, William Alexander Navy Korean War
Wilbur, John B. Coast Guard World War II
Wilcox, Edwin L. Marine Corps Vietnam War
Wilcox, Elza Grover World War I
Wilcox, James M. Civil War
Wilcox, Richard F. Marine Corps Korean War
Wilcox, Roger B. World War II
Wilder, Daniel S. Army Civil War
Wildman, Marion Ellsworth Army World War II
Wiles, Frederick J. Army
Wilkinson, Moses S. War of 1812
Will, Donald E.
Williams, Benjamin, Jr.
Williams, Edward W. World War II
Williams, Frank M. World War II
Williams, Glyn, Jr.
Williams, John P. Civil War
Williams, Reginald Marine Corps
Williams, Ronald E. World War II
Williams, Thomas P.
Williamson, M. Civil War
Willis, Edward Juan Navy World War II
Wills, Harold E. World War II
Wills, Lois Ann (née Proctor) Korean War
Wills, Walter Henry World War I
Wilson, Alfred Ray
Wilson, Charles F. Korean War
Wilson, George Civil War
Wilson, Harry John World War I
Wilson, Homer C. World War II
Wilson, James F. Army World War II
Wilson, Lee Charles Air Force
Wilson, Raymond (Ray) L. Army
Wilson, Robert Arthur World War II
Wilson, Samuel War of 1812
Wilson, Ted S.
Wilson, Wilton Howard World War I
Wing, Charles D. World War I
Wing, George Wittich World War I, World War II
Wing, Harriet Elizabeth (née Putnam) Army Nurse Corps World War I
Winnett, Alpha Gale, Jr.
Winnett, Vernon E. World War II
Winstead, Vincent Mitchell
Witman, Arthur O. World War II
Witt, David F. Air Force
Wolfe, Harry Charles World War I
Wolfe, John Charles Army World War II
Wolfe, Wayne W. World War II
Wolfe, William Byron
Wollerman, Edward H. Army World War II
Wood, George W. World War II
Wood, John D.
Wood, Philip K. Vietnam War
Wood, Ralph C. World War I
Woods, George Spanish-American War, World War I
Woosley, Ercill (Mike) L. World War I
Worden, Ralph Raymond World War I
Work, Ray A. World War I
Worley, Jerry Williamson
Worthington, Thomas, Jr. Army Civil War
Wren, Richard (Dick) Arlen Navy
Wright, Arnold M. Army World War II
Wright, Frank H. Army Air Corps World War II
Wright, Lynn Webb World War I
Wright, Richard Glen
Wright, Roy James Air Force World War II
Wright, W. Leon World War II
Wright, Walter P. World War II
Wynd, Robert Howard World War II
Yaeger, Frederick R. World War II
Yahn, Robert Lee
Youel, Nathan D. Civil War
Youel, William Civil War
Young, James (Jim) Gobey Army
Young, John F.
Young, William Edward World War II
Yuhas, John World War II
Zimmerman, Gerald E. World War I
Zimmerman, Harry Gordon Navy World War II
Zimmerman, Paul E. Navy World War II
Zimmerman, Robert Orr World War II
Zimmerman, Roy Ellsworth Army World War II
Zimmerman, William H. World War II
Zourdos, Phillip C. World War I