Secretary's Book No. 4


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Secretary's Book No. 4 is a manuscript, with genre register. It is 32 pages long.

It was created around 1901-1904.

Selections from the Secretary's Book No. 4 of the Ladies Aid Society of St. John's Episcopal Church of Worthington, including Constitution and Bylaws. This excerpt provides records of meetings and activities for the church's centennial year (1904), including quilt making.

The women of the church, although not officially on the church governing board during the early 1900's, still exercised great influence. Fund raising activities such as quiltmaking, community dinners, and rug making, brought in extra income that was used to supplement the church's budget. In this excerpt, the women help purchase new carpet, heating and lighting for church buildings.

It covers the topics church records, centennial celebrations and women's clubs.

It features the organization St. John's Episcopal Church.

It covers the city Worthington.

You can find the original at St. John's Episcopal Church.

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