Flint Cemetery


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Flint Cemetery is a picture, with genre photograph.

It was created in 1997.

Sharon Flint Residents' Association Historical Committee is the Contributor.

This is a contemporary photograph of the Flint Cemetery. Land for the Flint Cemetery was provided by Ozem Gardner, abolitionist and underground railroad operator. In 1864, Ozem Gardner sold one acre of his farm for a cemetery. Ozem and many of his descendants are buried there. Ozem Gardner's grave is on the brow of the hill to the east. Obituary: Ozem Gardner, who lives just over the line in Franklin Co. died April 19, 1880, aged 83yrs 2m 7 da. He was born in Olsego Co., NY and came to Franklin Co. in 1817. He purchased the farm where he lived in 1820, and was married to Jane Wilson February 20, 1823. He was an early abolitionist, keeping a station on the underground railroad and assisted over 200 fugitives to gain their freedom. In early life he joined the M.E. Church. (Exact location on Lot unknown).

It covers the topics cemeteries and slavery.

It features the person Ozem Gardner, 1797-1880.

It features the organization Flint Cemetery.

It covers the city Columbus. It covers the area Flint.

You can find the original at Sharon Flint Residents' Association Historical Committee.

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