Jo Osborne and Meribah Mansfield


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Jo Osborne and Meribah Mansfield is a picture, with genre photograph. Its dimensions are 5 in. x 7 in..

It was created in 1992.

Worthington Libraries is the Contributor.

Children's librarian Jo Osborne (1936-1995) and Worthington Public Library director Meribah Mansfield show their enthusiasm for reading.

Jo was a children's librarian at Worthington Libraries from 1979 until her death at age 59 in 1995. The Jo Osborne Award for Humor in Children's Literature was established in 1996 to honor her commitment to bringing children, books and humor together. The award recognizes the art of humor in either a single children's book or in the body of work of a children's literature author. As described in the brochure for the award, Jo "sought out the silly, the funny, the poignant, the witty for storytelling and puppet shows to impart a love of books to all the children who were lucky enough to cross her path" during her years as a librarian.

Meribah was the Director of Worthington Libraries from 1991-2010. "Wild About Reading" was the theme for the library's 1992 Summer Reading Program.

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It features the people Meribah Mansfield and Emelia (Jo) Osborne (née Smith), 1935-1995.

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