Photograph of the Brelsford's Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary


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Photograph of the Brelsford's Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary is a picture. Its dimensions are 2.38 in. x 4.19 in..

It was created in 1938.

Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor.

This photo was taken in 1938 on the occasion of Joseph and Emma Brelsford’s fiftieth wedding anniversary. Emma is the woman fur-collared coat. Her husband Joseph stands next to her on the right. The photo was taken in front of the home of Harold and Martha Edwards, at 670 Morning Street in Worthington. Martha Edwards was Emma Brelsford’s niece.

The marriage of Emma Tuller to Joseph Brelsford in 1880 linked the two families to the Tuller grocery business, which was located on the west side of High Street in Worthington in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Emma Tuller Brelsford was the daughter of Adolphus and Martha Tuller, who lived on Hartford Street in Worthington. Emma’s brother Anthony ran Tuller Groceries with their brother Jesse for about 30 years. Joseph Brelsford joined the business with his marriage to Emma Tuller. Joseph’s brother George Brelsford (second from the right in the photo) also assisted in the business, along with Charles (second from the left in the photo), another Brelsford brother.

From left to right in the photo are: Jayne Brelsford, wife of Charles Brelsford; Charles Brelsford; Laura Brelsford Skeele, sister of Lillian, Joseph, Charles, and George Brelsford; Lillian Skeele, daughter of Laura Brelsford Skeele; Lillian Brelsford Baker, sister of Laura, Joseph, Charles and George Brelsford; Anthony Tuller; Jesse Tuller, Anthony’s brother; Ottie Tuller, Anthony’s wife; Emma Tuller Brelsford; Joseph Brelsford; George Brelsford, brother of Laura, Lillian, Joseph, and Charles Brelsford; Thomas Booth.

The Tuller family were prominent in central Ohio, with several branches settling in Sharon and Perry townships and Delaware county. Flavel Tuller came to Worthington from Connecticut, arriving in 1804.

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