Photograph of Buddhist cemetery monuments in Sayama, Japan


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Photograph of Buddhist cemetery monuments in Sayama, Japan is a picture, with genre photograph and tombs & sepulchral monuments.

It was created on Saturday, October 17, 2009.

Wade Duym is the Photographer.

Pictured here are Buddhist monuments in a cemetery in Worthington’s sister city of Sayama, Japan. The 2009 Worthington mayoral delegation to Sayama visited the cemetery as part of their tour of the city.

Worthington and Sayama have been sister cities since 1999, and through the years have exchanged dozens of delegations, including groups of city officials, residents and school groups. During exchanges between the two cities, delegations typically tour a variety of destinations including city offices and schools, along with shopping, sightseeing and enjoying Japanese cuisine. The 2009 mayoral delegation celebrated ten years of the sister-city relationship.

It covers the topics Sayama-shi, Japan and cemeteries.

It features the organization Worthington International Friendship Association.

The original is in a private collection.

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