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Photograph of the Hugh Hannon House is a picture, with genre photograph and historic buildings. Its dimensions are 3.5 in. x 4.5 in..

It was created around 1930-1950.

Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor.

This black and white photograph shows the Hugh Hannon house at 580 Hartford Street sometime after 1929. The small wing on the north side, a front porch, and a garage were added to the original circa 1865 house in the 1930s or later. A picket fence fronted the property.

In 1863, Hugh Hannon, a resident of Sharon Township, purchased the property, a total of six lots. Hannon, described in the 1870 Census as a railroad hand, and his wife were Irish immigrants. The Hannons raised 10 children in the family home.

According to historian Robert McCormick, an 1872 plat map of Worthington shows a structure on the property for the first time, which led him to surmise that the central section of the house dates to the mid-1860s. A 1929 Sanborn map showing the six Hannon lots indicates that the house at 580 Hartford still had a small rectangular footprint with none of the additions shown in this photograph.

Patriarch Hugh Hannon died in 1905, at which point his children inherited the six Hartford Street lots. The lots were platted in 1916 as the Hannon Brothers Subdivision. At that time, Honora Hannon, daughter of Hugh Hannon, was granted the two lots that that included the house at 580 Hartford. Honora sold the house in 1920, and may have briefly moved in with several of her siblings in the larger house next door at 570 Hartford Street. Two of Honora’s brothers, Hugh and John, were plumbing and heating contractors who ran their business from the 570 Hartford address. Honora died in 1952, "the last of 10 children who were born and raised here, at the family home near the corner of Hartford and South Streets," as the "Worthington News" reported at her death.

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