Program for Worthington High School Tenth Annual Alumni Exercises, 1889


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Program for Worthington High School Tenth Annual Alumni Exercises, 1889 is text, with genre program. Its dimensions are 4.5 in. x 3.5 in.. It is 2 pages long.

It was created in 1889.

Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor. Worthington Schools is the Creator.

This is the program of the Tenth Annual Alumni Exercises of the Worthington High School, which is not dated but it is inferred that it is from 1889 based on being the tenth gathering.

Members of the Alumni are listed as: Class of '80: Miss May E. Skeele, Miss Nellie Wright; Class of '81: R. B. Hart, Miss Emma Scott and J. F. Wright; Class of '82: Mrs. Lincoln Pinney and Miss Laura Hart; Class of '83: Miss Mary Richardson and Miss Julia Hart; Class of '84: Mrs. Edith Goodrich, Mrs. John Taggart, Miss Lucy Cleveland, Miss Lida Jackson, Miss Mary Griswold; Class of '85: Mrs. E. L. Wood, Mrs. W.K. Foley, Miss Mary Butler; Class of '86: Miss Grace Gilbert, Miss Hannora Hannon, Miss Louise Brand, Miss Mary Scott, Miss Anna Johnson, Dan W. Wright, Dan W. Scott; Class of '87: Miss Annie Brand, Miss Hattie Griswold; Class of '88: Miss Carrie Griswold, Miss Allie Brown, Albert Herrman, Lawrence W. Griswold; Class of '89 Miss Annie Pinney, Miss Lucy Johnson, Miss Clara Wright, Miss Mary Leckliter, Miss Ida Scott, Miss Hattie Skeele, Miss Mary Conner, Bert Pingree, Miss Fannie Jackson

It covers the topics reunions and high school alumni and alumnae.

It features the people Anna (Annie) E. Boardman (née Brand), 1868-1947, Mary Skeele, 1862-, Nellie Jane Wright, 1861-1911, Russell Bigelow Hart, Jr., 1862-1937, Emma Scott, James F. Wright, 1860-1934, Mary (Mame) E. Pinney (née Anderson), 1862-1942, Laura Young (née Hart), 1864-1954, Mary Elizabeth Richardson, 1866-1952, Julia L. Nelson (née Holt), 1866-1904, Fretzie Edith Goodrich (née Wright), 1865-1904, Nanna E. Taggart (née Stickney), 1867-1963, Lucy A. Phelps (née Cleveland), 1866-1915, Lida M. Jackson, 1867-, Mary Comstock Coleman (née Griswold), 1865-1943, Lucy Foley (née Gilbert), 1865-1949, Grace Gilbert, 1868-1945, Honora Hannon, 1868-1952, Anna Johnson, 1869-1949, Daniel W. Wright, 1868-1907, Daniel Webster Scott, 1865-1945, Louie (Lucy) Bard (née Brand), 1866-1932, Harriet (Hattie) McCullough (née Griswold), 1868-1947, Caroline Fletcher (née Griswold), 1870-1951, Allie Brown, Albert Herrman, 1870-1950, William Lawrence Griswold, 1872-1961, Clara Wright, 1870-, Mary E. Leckliter, 1868-1944, Ida Scott, 1873-?, Henriette (Hattie) Capron (née Skeele), 1870-1962, George (Bert) Albert Pingree, 1871-1914, Frances (Fannie) L. Jackson, 1871-1945, Ida J. Wood (née Wright), 1868-1960, Anne Cynthia White (née Pinney), 1871-1946, Lucy Hart Weisenbach (née Johnson), 1871-1947, Mary Ann Scott, 1869-1935, Mary R. Butler and Mary (Mame) B. Wikle (née Conner), 1882-1983.

It features the organization Worthington High School.

It covers the city Worthington. It covers the area Old Worthington.

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