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The Sharon Memorial Hall, located at 137 E. Dublin-Granville Road was built in 1861 for Horace W. Wright and his wife, Henrietta Tuller Wright. Horace was the son of Potter and Lovisa Wright, who moved to Worthington in 1815. He was a successful manufacturer of carding and spinning machinery. Horace worked for him until 1855. He owned much farmland and a sawmill near this property. His wife Henrietta was the daughter of Flavel Tuller, a successful farmer and meat packer. She was a schoolteacher before her marriage. Their descendents were active in the civic and religious life of the community. Horace Wright his grandson and Lynn Wright were active in the Worthington Masonic order.
The Wright family occupied the home until 1940. Following a War Memorial Levy, approved by Sharon Township voters in 1945, the property was conveyed to the Trustees of the Sharon Township Memorial. Subsequent uses of this building include the Worthington Historical Society 1955-1969 and presently home to administrative offices of Sharon Township Trustees.
The building was altered in 1900 to include the Greek Revivial portico and the removal of the Victorian balustrade on the roof. The interior still retains many of its original features.

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