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Weaver Family Parlor is a picture, with genre photograph and furniture. Its dimensions are 3.5 in x 5.0 in.

It was created in 1906.

Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor.

This photograph depicts the parlor of the Weaver family during the early 1900's. The room reveals a late Victorian interior, complete with with many of the details associated with the period. A gas lamp sits on the center table, while the sideboard is decorated with a heavily patterned cover. Victorian interor decoration was keynoted by eclecticism, and use of multiple patterns and colors in the same room. No space was left unfilled. Drapery was everywhere, to prevent the fading of carpets and wallpapers. Strong colors such as deep red, blue and purple were used with abandon. Knick-knacks, family pictures, and other objects covered every surface.
The Buttles-Pinney-Brown House, a five-bay Federal brick house, is located at 12 East Stafford Avenue. Built in 1818 by Arora Buttles, its early owners were prominent community leaders. The home was occupied by Sidney and Anna Hart Brown, who purchased the property in 1839, and subsequently stayed in the Brown and Weaver families until 1937. The house is presently occupied by the High Road Gallery, which exclusively exhibits the work of Central Ohio artists.

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