Worthington High School Graduating Class


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Worthington High School Graduating Class is a picture, with genre photograph. Its dimensions are 8 in. x 10 in..

It was created in 1939.

Baker Art Gallery and Worthington Schools are the Creators.

Graduates of Worthington High School for 1939 were; Margaret A. Apel, Jean Backus, Noble Baker, Lois Barnes, Darrell Binegar, Tad Blackston, Janet Bowers, William Brady, Ruth Bratton, Evelyn Cannon, Halbert Carlisle, Doris Dean, Walter De Graw, Harry Edwards, Betty Essman, Adeline Gibson, Jane Groves, Rosemary Hard, Betty E. Heil, George Hoessly, Mary Hole, Thomas Holman, John Howard, Robert B. Hughes, Jack Kennedy, Richard Kready, Raymond (Bernard) Lawless, Paul Livingston, Theresa Lonely, Lilllian Mc Mannus, Dorothy Mihelcic, Jack Novi, Betty O'Reilly, Joan Pachall, Ray Paul, Ben Pyle, Barbara Roth, Mary Jo Roth, Cecil Scott, Richard Seidel, Anna M. Shuster, Dorothy Simmons, Harriet Smith, Paul Snouffer, Frank C. Stevens, Melvin Sulser, Helen Taladay, Josephine Taylor, John Thomas, Virginia Thomas, Elsie Van Liew, Wayne Van Liew, Atha A. Wilcox, May W. Wing and Mary Helen Wright.

It covers the topics graduations and students.

It features the people Harold C. McCord, Dorothy L. Hamilton (née Mihelcic), 1921-2014, Atha Castle Wharton (née Wilcox), 1921-2015, Betty Ellen Becker (née Heil), 1921-2004, Margaret A. Crawford (née Apel), 1921-1991, Mary Ruth Sulser (née Hole), 1921-2014, Joan Logsdon Clark (née Paschall), 1921-2014, Lillian Russel (née McMannus), Ruth Evelyn Dillon (née Bratton), 1921-2008, Evelyn Williams (née Cannon), 1921-2014, Mary Helen Sulser (née Wright), 1921-2005, Jack A. Norris, 1920-2003, George Hoessly, 1920-1996, Frank C. Stevens, 1920-1995, Melvin G. Sulser, 1921-1998, Richard P. Kready, 1921-2006, Noble (Ned) Edwin Baker, 1921-1993, Richard Seidel, Harriet (Hattie) Jean Snouffer (née Smith), 1921-2004, Paul Snouffer, 1921-2014, Darrel W. Binegar, Lt. Tad Blackstone, 1921-1943, Walter Ben DeGraw, 1921-1960, Thomas Jackson Holman, 1920-1960, Robert Hughes, Ben C. Pyle, Cecil M. Scott, Dorothy Von Seeger (née Simmons), Jean Walters (née Backus), Joseph (Hal) Halbert Carlisle, 1920-2001, John Howard, Josephine Case (née Taylor), 1922-1989, Virginia Melva Foley (née Thomas), 1921-1999, John Arthur Thomas, 1920-2000, Elsie Rosenbaum (née VanLiew), 1921-1997, Wayne VanLiew, Jr., 1920-1971, Howard Stroupe, Jr., 1921-1984, Lois E Mills (née Barnes), 1921-1993, William (Bill) Brady, 1921-2005, Elizabeth (Betty) Case (née Essman), 1922-1922, Adeline Fitchey (née Gibson), 1921-1976, Rosemary Kemp (née Hard), 1922-2004, Paul A. Livingston, 1919-?, Betty Jane Coughlin (née O'Reilly), 1921-2011, Barbara Lee Curtis (née Roth), 1921-2011, Mary Jo Tisdall (née Roth), Anna Marie Smith (née Shuster), 1920-1968, Helen McPherson (née Taladay), 1920-2015 and Doris Dean.

It features the organizations Worthington High School and Thomas Worthington High School.

It covers the city Worthington.

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