Histories of Structures in Worthington and Sharon Township


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Histories of Structures in Worthington and Sharon Township is text, with genre directory and history. Its dimensions are 11 in. x 8.5 in.. It is 432 pages long.

It was created in March 1992.

Robert William McCormick, 1921-2002 is the Author.

This directory provides information on the historical background of structures in Worthington and Sharon Township. To provide detailed analyses of the structures included, the author drew on primary sources such as deed records, mortgage records, tax records, plat maps, census data, village and city council minutes and directories, manuscript collections, contemporary newspaper accounts and published histories. Each entry includes a list of sources.

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Histories of Structures in Worthington and Sharon Township

Table of contents


Flint Road

7844 Flint Road
7970 Flint Road
8211 Flint Road

Fox Lane

25 Fox Lane

East Granville Road

50 East Granville Road
67 East Granville Road
72 East Granville Road
91 East Granville Road
92 East Granville Road
132 East Granville Road
137 East Granville Road
160 East Granville Road
181 East Granville Road
184 East Granville Road
195 East Granville Road
196 East Granville Road
347 East Granville Road

West Granville Road

49-51 West Granville Road
63 West Granville Road
64 West Granville Road
80 West Granville Road
88 West Granville Road
93 West Granville Road
100 West Granville Road

Hartford Street

580 Hartford Street
655 Hartford Street
662 Hartford Street
668 Hartford Street
686 Hartford Street
689 Hartford Street
700 Hartford Street
782 Hartford Street
788 Hartford Street
862 Hartford Street

High Street

544 High Street
556 High Street
559 High Street
571 High Street
579 High Street
623 High Street
633-635 High Street
634 High Street
649 High Street
657-661 High Street
671-673 High Street
679-681 High Street
692 High Street
700 High Street
721 High Street
752 High Street
753 High Street
773 High Street
808 High Street
879 High Street
888 High Street
891 High Street
956 High Street
5807 N. High Street
5921 N. High Street
7625 N. High Street
7755 N. High Street

Howard Street

45 Howard Street

Morning Street

550 Morning Street
611 Morning Street
656 Morning Street
680 Morning Street
701 Morning Street
777-779 Morning Street

East New England

38-40 East New England
79 E. East New England
93 E. East New England
174 E. East New England
176 E. East New England

West New England

41 West New England
50 West New England
108 West New England

North Street

51 West North Street
72 East North Street

Olentangy River Road

7447 Olentangy River Road

Oxford Street

581 Oxford Street
614 Oxford Street
653 Oxford Street
675 Oxford Street
688 Oxford Street

Short Street

36 Short Street
38 Short Street
59 Short Street

Snouffer Road

1937 Snouffer Road

South Street

30 East South Street
36 West South Street
40 East South Street

It covers the topics homes, historic sites, buildings and building renovations.

It covers the city Sharon Township.

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