Justice of the Peace Commission

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Justice of the Peace Commission is text. Its dimensions are 7 in x 12.38 in.

It was created on Friday, April 21, 1815.

Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor. Thomas Worthington, 1773-1827 is the Creator.

Scioto Company proprietor Ezra Griswold served as Justice of the Peace almost continuously from 1808-1821. This document is Ezra Griswold's Justice of the Peace Commission. The Affirmation of Oath signed by Recompense Stanbery appears on the verso.

Justices of the peace were first line of civil authority in Ohio, which had adopted the county and township form of government. Justices had the authority to perform marriages, write deeds, settle debtor claims, and administer oaths of office. They also advertised for lost animals, a common occurrence with unfenced fields. The justices worked part-time, and collected fees for their services.

It covers the topics Chillicothe, OH and Justices of the Peace.

It features the person Ezra Griswold, 1767-1822.

It covers the city Worthington.

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