Worthington: Celebrate the Discovery

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Worthington: Celebrate the Discovery is a videorecording. It is 20 minutes and 35 seconds long.

It was created in 1992.

This documentary, published by the Worthington Historical Society and narrated by Dave Kaylor, gives a brief history of the city of Worthington, Ohio. It was created to coincide with the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ first voyage to America.
The account begins with the formation of the Scioto Company in the early 1800s, the group’s buying up of land around the area of Central Ohio that would become Worthington, and the initial planning of the Worthington Village Green. It covers the founding of major institutions and businesses, the construction of historical buildings, the arrival and work of notable families, and Worthington’s role within national events including the War of 1812 and the Civil War. Societal trends and the impact of technology, such as the arrival of the electric street railway in the early 1900s and its transformation of Worthington into a suburb of Columbus, are discussed.

You can find the original at Old Worthington Library.

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