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Photograph of Lewis House is a picture, with genre photograph and historic buildings.

It was created in 1976.

Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor.

The Lewis House, located at 36 W. South Street, is shown in 1976. The structure is named after Elias Lewis, Sr., a bricklayer who built the house ca. 1834 and resided there until 1884. The land upon which the structure was built was sold to Lewis’s father, Jebadiah (an early Worthington pioneer) by Chester and Rhoda Griswold in 1820. The land had previously been owned by James Kilbourne and, prior to that, Nathaniel Little— both of whom cofounded the Scioto Company in Granby, Connecticut, in 1802 and first traveled from there to Central Ohio that same year to survey the area for potential settlement.

The property owner when this photo was taken was Dr. Wesley P. Cushman, a professor of health education at Ohio State University, who occupied the house from 1947 (with his family) until at least 1992.

Further historical details of the house are available via Robert W. McCormick’s Histories of Structures in Worthington and Sharon Township (1992) beginning on page 405.

It covers the topic homes.

It features the people Elias Lewis, Sr., 1786-1884, JP Nathaniel W. Little, Col. James Kilbourne, 1770-1850 and Wesley P. Cushman, 1908-1995.

It covers the city Worthington. It covers the area Old Worthington.

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