Swearing in of Reserve Policemen


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Swearing in of Reserve Policemen is a picture, with genre photograph and group portraits.

It was created on Thursday, November 18, 1954.

The Worthington News is the Creator. Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor.

Nine reserve policemen are sworn in and given badges by then-City Manager George Wing at the Worthington Municipal Building on Thursday, November 18, 1954.

According to an article published in "The Worthington News" the following week, the policemen depicted are (from left to right): Captain Lew Markin, Lieutenant Walter Holbrook, Sergeant Andy Anderson, Sergeant Bill Patterson, Tony Gratziano, George Shapter, Harry Zimmerman, Earl M. Smith, and Carl O’Harra. George Wing is shown pinning a badge onto Carl O’Harra’s uniform, while Worthington’s first formal Chief of Police, James Lewis, looks on, from behind Wing.

The Worthington Village Council formally approved the establishment of a reserve police force early the following year on January 17, 1955, via its passing of Ordinance 1327, the stated objective of which was to provide "…a more adequate policing of said Village in times of illness or days off for members of the regular police force, and in times of emergency."

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