George Wing and Jim Taladay


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George Wing and Jim Taladay is a picture, with genre photograph and group portraits.

It was created on Sunday, February 1, 1948.

This photograph depicts a meeting between then-Mayor George Wing (at left) and then-Police Marshal Jim Taladay. According to Robert McCormick’s "Around Worthington" (1999), this meeting was held to "…discuss village security in the council offices on the second floor of the Jones Building at 693 High Street" (p.76).

George Wing served as mayor from 1945-1955 and held several other positions during his extensive career of public service in Worthington, including public school teacher and justice of the peace (a dual office held during his tenure as mayor). A profile of Wing published in "This Week Worthington News" on October 10, 2002, the week after his death, states that "He (Wing)… recalled that he would be roused in the middle of the night to hear cases brought in by the constable" during Wing’s mayoral career.

Whether referred to as "constable," "marshal" or "chief," Jim Taladay served as the administrative head of the Village of Worthington’s police force from approximately 1924-1954, according to the March 19, 1970 edition of "The Worthington News," and was a familiar face to the citizens of Worthington for decades. His additional service as superintendent of water services and street commissioner (offices which he simultaneously held during much of his career) also contributed to his prominence among the community.

It covers the topics safety, public service, mayors and police.

It features the people James Henry Taladay, 1895-1970 and George V. Wing, Sr., 1909-2002.

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