Linking Past to Present


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Linking Past to Present: An Historical Account of Flintridge Terrace & Its Surrounding Areas is text, with genre history and book. Its dimensions are 11 in. x 8.5 in. It is 173 pages long.

It was created in 1998.

Sharon Flint Residents' Association Historical Committee, Helen Oliver Epps, Norma Rachel Bradley (née Thorton), 1935-2016 and Benjamin F. Holland are the Authors.

This book provides an in-depth look at the development of the Flintridge Terrace neighborhood in Sharon Township, as well as the history of the Underground Railroad and African Americans in Worthington and surrounding areas. Flintridge Terrace was developed in the 1960s as a community for African American families who were faced with housing discrimination in other areas of Worthington. The document provides a chronology of the development of the area from the founding of Worthington and Sharon Township in 1803 to 1998 and includes personal stories written by residents of the area.

A two-page, foldout picture of students attending Worthington schools in 1892 is featured in the final two pages of the online document. It was originally included at page 30 of the book.

It covers the topics African Americans, Underground Railroad and historic districts.

It features the people Ansel Mattoon, Ozem Gardner, 1797-1880 and Col. James Kilbourne, 1770-1850.

It covers the city Worthington. It covers the area Flint.

You can find the original at Old Worthington Library.

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