Worthington - Our Town


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Worthington - Our Town is text, with genre student work, poetry, drawing and essay. Its dimensions are 8.5 in. x 11 in.. It is 50 pages long.

It was created in 2003.

Kilbourne Middle School is the Contributor.

Worthington's history provided the theme for a year-long immersion (2002-2003 school year) in all the varied skills that go into the publication of a book. Kilbourne Middle School seventh and eighth grade students used Worthington Memory or another Worthington resource to locate a visual image and documentation of an event in Worthington's history. Students then were responsible for producing drawings, essays or poems about their chosen topic. The project reinforced essential skills that are taught in middle school language arts and art classes. A jury of staff and students did the final editing process of selecting work and assembling the book.

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Worthington - Our Town

Table of contents

Early Worthington - 2
Worthington Schools Through the Years - 4
Worthington Buildings - 10
Clothing, etc. -18
Famous Houses - 20
Pontifical College Josephinum - 34
Churches - 35
Underground Railway, Transportation and Fire Department 41
Bicentennial Barn - 47
Worthington...Our Town - 48

It covers the topics art, middle schools, centennial celebrations and poetry.

It covers the city Worthington.

You can find the original at Kilbourne Middle School.

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