Letter to Achsa Johnson from Joseph Ridgway of Washington City


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Letter to Achsa Johnson from Joseph Ridgway of Washington City is text, with genre letter and correspondence. Its dimensions are 11 in. x 8.5 in..

It was created on Friday, March 5, 1841.

Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor. Achsa Johnson (née Maynard), 1791-1882 and Joseph Ridgway, 1783-1861 are the Correspondents.

This letter was written to Achsa Johnson, wife of Orange Johnson, in Worthington, Ohio from Congressman Joseph Ridgway in Washington D.C. (Washington City). In the letter, he reports that he has just left Orange and their daughter, Mary Johnson, as they make their way from Washington D.C. where they were attending the inauguration of President Harrison to Philadelphia. He goes on to say that for the first two days in Washington D.C., Mary was a bit unwell with fatigue but hopes that she recovered and that she and "other Ladies" enjoyed the festivities.

Achsa Johnson was born Achsa Maynard on April 7, 1791. She was the daughter of Moses Maynard. In 1815, she married Orange Johnson (b. February 7, 1790 - d. November 28, 1876), a comb maker by trade from Connecticut. The comb business was very successful, and Achsa and Orange moved into their home at 956 High Street in 1816.

Joseph Ridgway, an Ohio congressman from Columbus, had worked with Orange Johnson for several years as officials of the Columbus & Sandusky Turnpike. They were his guests at the inauguration and White House reception on March 4, 1841. Harrison would die from pneumonia a month later. Ridgway represented the Whig party in the 8th district of Ohio from 1839-1843.

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