Flintridge Terrace


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Flintridge Terrace is a picture, with genre photograph.

It was created in 1997.

Sharon Flint Residents' Association Historical Committee is the Contributor.

Robert and Vera Johnson, an African American couple, developed an area along Flint Road called Flintridge Terrace. With far reaching vision and strong determination, this couple methodically laid out a community plan that became a beautiful and stable neighborhood. Flintridge was developed in the early 1960's. The area was platted into one-half acre residential home sites. A covenant was written that specified guidelines to maintain the neighborhood as it was originally planned. It was not a tract development, as the homes were designed and built to each owner's specification. Flintridge is a quiet community where the homeowners are predominantly African Americans. In 1961, when home construction began, the two roads in the area were dedicated to Sharon Township to assure that they would be serviced and maintained without additional cost to the homeowners.

It covers the topics African Americans and neighborhoods.

It features the people Vera Melvia Johnson (née Ayers) and Robert Warren Johnson, 1923-1992.

It covers the city Columbus. It covers the area Flint.

You can find the original at Sharon Flint Residents' Association Historical Committee.

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