Presidential Unit Citation, 761st Tank Battalion


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It was created in 1978.

Jimmy Carter is the Creator.

The 761st Tank Battalion was the first African American tank battalion of the United States Army, and cited as the most famous of the World War II tank battalions organized using African-American personnel according to the U.S. Army Center of Military History. George C. Blake, from Worthington entered the service in 1943, serving in the 761st. He was awarded the Silver Star Medal in 1945 for gallantry in action against enemy forces on December 9, 1945 in France. Although individuals in the 761st were awarded medals in 1945 (10 Silver Stars and 38 Bronze Stars), it was three decades until this Presidential Unit Citation was issued to the 761st Tank Battalion for extraordinary heroism by President Jimmy Carter. This Citation details the "extraordinary gallantry, courage, professionalism and high esprit de corps displayed in the accomplishment of unusually difficult and hazardous operations in the European Theater of Operations from 30 October 1944 to 6 May 1945."

Blake's individual Silver Star Medal citation states "George C. Blake...Private First Class, Infantry, Company "D", 761st Tank Battalion, for gallantry in action against the enemy on 9 December 1944, in the vicinity of Norville Les Vic, France. Private First Class Blake, seeing many of his comrades wounded by artillery and small arms fire, dismounted from his 1/4 ton truck, and under intense artillery and mortar fire, carried the wounded to his truck and evacuated them to a medical aid station. Private First Class Blake returned and remained in the field during the night to administer first aid and evacuate the wounded. Private First Class Blake's courageous action and devotion to duty exemplifies the highest tradition of the Armed Forces. Entered military service from Worthington, Ohio."

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