Calloway, Carter, Doughty, Lee, Matthews Family


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Calloway, Carter, Doughty, Lee, Matthews Family is a picture, with genre photograph and group portraits. Its dimensions are 8 in. x 10 in..

It was created in October 1941.

Pictured left to right are (standing) Elizabeth (Ragland) Lee (Roy Lee's wife), Eugene Calloway, Stacey Marie (Lee) Calloway, Dorothy (Lee) Doughty, Grady Matthews, Helen (Lee) Matthews, Milton Lee, Evelyn (Lee) Carter, Lewis Carter, Dorothy Lee; (seated) Shellie Doughty, Shellie Doughty Jr. (on lap), John Kendall Lee, and Sarah (Jones) Lee.

John Kendall Lee, wife Sarah, and children resided in the Worthington area during the 1910s and 1920s. The Lee family places of residence included North Street and Morning Street in Worthington, and Linworth. Several of the Lee children attended school in Worthington. Roy Edward Lee played on the Worthington High School football team in the early 1920s and was known as an outstanding athlete. At the time that the family lived in Linworth, Roy Lee would hitch horses to a wagon and drive sister Evelyn to the foot of the hill (Granville Road), where she would walk the rest of the way to school. Stacey worked as a secretary for the Worthington Feed and Transfer Company during the 1920s.

John Kendall Lee's grandparents (Kendall Lee and wife) settled in Franklin Township, Ohio, after obtaining freedom from enslavement in Virginia in the 1840s. Thacker Webb of Orange County, Virginia, included a provision in his will that the people he had enslaved be taken to a northern state and that homes should be purchased for them.

It covers the topic African Americans.

It features the people Roy Edward Lee, 1903-1983 and Stacey Marie Calloway (née Lee), 1898-1967.

It covers the cities Columbus and Worthington.

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