A Spring Fling

Prom season is upon us! Take a stroll through this month's exhibit to view the finest fashions from decades past.

The prom (short for “promenade”) had its beginnings in the late 1800s as dances held at New England colleges to teach students proper etiquette. The tradition caught on with the high school set after parents and teachers thought that such dances might confer similar good manners on the younger crowd. By the middle of the 20th century, the prom had officially become part of the high school experience.

In Worthington, an annual tradition for many years was to hold a prom fashion event prior to the actual prom. Known as the Spring Fling, the event featured students decked out in the latest formalwear donated by local businesses such as the Village Sampler and Columbus Formal. The event was sponsored by the Worthington Activity Club, a group that since 1937 had done everything from offering students guidance on dress and etiquette to organizing dances. In the 1980s, the Activity Club broadened its purpose to include workshops on leadership and academic skills.

From flowing gowns to dapper tuxes, sit back and let yourself get swept away by the Spring Fling!